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Episode 10: First Faves is Out Now!

Are you afraid of horror movies? Well stop. Come find out why people dig horror movies and what got these ghouls so addicted to feeling afraid. Kat and I revisit our first favorite horror movies that turned the tide for us two scaredy cats.

On Episode #10 we are talking about our First Faves! Get to know how Kat and Gabe became the ghouls you know and love today. Why do people like horror movies? Why are you missing out? Why won't you play with us?? We watched Kat's first, The Ring and Gabe's first, Stephen King's Rose Red. We also address the psychological explanation behind the obsession with horror movies. Join these adrenaline junkies and let's talk about what gets you coming back for more!

Tweet at us: @ghoulsnxtdoor or email us: and tell us what YOUR first faves were!

Talking Points: The Ring, Rose Red, Stephen King, More Humane Ways to Kill Your Kids, Why is Kat like this?, Community, First Viral Video, Rollercoasters, Snakes, Peak through your fingers, loop-di-do-what, Little Bitch Cousin, Conquer Your Fears, House Phones, Chain Letters from Your Aunt,

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