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The Ghouls Next Door often invite lovely humans to chat with them on episodes. Check out our honorary Ghouls below to learn more about what they do and which episode they appeared in!


Ghouls chat with mega-fan and filmmaker extraordinaire, Roland Boyden about The Nightmare Before Christmas. Roland has been the cinematographer for all of the Ghoul's short films! He has also never seen Nightmare Before Christmas until now!


Angelina Meehan of Lindsay Ellis Vids and Thank You, Places
Episode 167: Phantom of the Opera

Joined by musical talent and Lindsay Ellis' co-creator, Angelina Meehan, the Ghouls discuss musical theatre, using liberal arts degrees to make awesome content, and how to grow into loving yourself. They also discuss the film version of Phantom of the Opera (pros and cons), the many adaptations, and the great impact the story has had on their guest.


Allie Gee, Dancer/Instructor
Episode 165: CLIMAX

Joined by a special guest and extremely talented dancer, Allie Gee to discuss some of the real-life horrors in the dance world including pressures, drugs, and the toll it takes on their bodies.


Bobby Torrez of Bobby Likes it Spooky
Episode 163: Anna & the Apocalypse

Ghouls talked with fellow horror creator, Bobby Torrez about our favorite horror films, geeked out about the new Candyman, and more! We also talked about the zombie Christmas musical, Anna and the Apocalypse that has some songs that hit a bit too close to home.

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Adrien & Stormy of Slash Her Pod
Episode 161: Deep Blue Sea 

Ghouls are joined by spooky hosts, Adrian and Stormy of Slash Her pod to talk about their love of horror. What kind of horror gets under their skin and how has loving horror made us stronger/better than other people? We also talk the late 90's silly aquatic horror film, Deep Blue Sea. 


Wi-Moto Nyoka, writer/creator of horror media with Dusky Projects and the horror story podcast, Black Women are Scary joined us to talk horror and about another Joko Anwar film, Gundala. She also joined us for a special episode about community care.

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Kat & Jazz of Girl, That's Scary
Episode 155: Gonjiam Haunted Asylum

Kat & Jazz from Girl, That's Scary joined the Ghouls to talk about found footage horror and the Korean film Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. Kat & Jazz can be found every Thursday on their show talking everything horror and sci-fi. 

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Lovely Dorrie of Beyond the Bot
Episode 153: Doki Doki Literature Club 
Episode 142: Perfect Blue

Dorrie from Beyond the Bot, joined the Ghouls twice for some really fun episodes! She chatted with us about idol culture represented in Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue and about cute but unsettling horror video games. 

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Cristal Marie of Beyond the Bot
and CrunchyCast
Episode 144: The Promised Neverland

Ghouls are joined by Beyond the Bot, and Crunchycast host, Cristal Marie to talk about one of their all-time favorite horror anime, The Promised Neverland. Cristal Marie is notoriously known for being anti-horror but in her appreciation for The Promised Neverland found that she might actually be a horror fan! 


Josh & Caless of Victims & Villains
Episode 151: Hereditary

Captain Nostalgia and Black Nerd Magic of the Victims and Villains Podcast, talk with the Ghouls about Ari Aster's Hereditary. Victims and Villains use their platform to educate on suicide prevention and mental health awareness.


Jeff Bethea, The Quiet Twin
Episode 143: Demonslayer
Episode 06: Horror Video Games

Jeff joined us to talk about a mutual love, video games and the good boys in anime. Jeff talks with the Ghouls about how heroes like Tanjiro offer a refreshing look at the Shonen Hero that offers kindness. When he's not gaming, he is creating unique audio and visual installations. 


Isaiah Luck of Zenkai Station
Episode 140: Dragon Ball Z
Episode 43: Monstrous Men
Episode 32: Horror Anime

Isaiah has been a guest three times on the Ghouls! While he doesn't love all things horror like the Ghouls, he does love all things anime and has joined us to talk about anime from multiple angles. You can catch him on his podcast Zenkai Station. 


Mike Levitt of Dice & Pens
Episode 141: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Episode 43: Monstrous Men

Mike is an avid RPG gamer and anime lover. He chatted with Ghouls about one of his all time favorite horror anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Joe & Trace of Horror Queers
Episode 127: Horror Queers

Trace Thurman and Joe Lipsett of the Horror Queers talk about their love for horror, what they cover on their show, and what kind of horror truly gets under their skin. We also briefly discuss the art-house, elevated, and prestige horror film, She Dies Tomorrow where we discover the horror of our insignificance and inevitable end.


Zena Dixon of Real Queen of Horror
Episode 126: Real Queen of Horror

Zena Dixon, the Real Queen of Horror and co-host of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast. Zena discusses her love of all things horror and how she has made her way in the horror world despite many obstacles. We also talk about the incredible body-shaming, witchy, coming-of-age film The Spell from 1977.


Prince Jackson of Knight Light Podcast
Episode 125: Knight Light Podcast

Fellow horror enthusiast, Prince Jackson of Knight Light Podcast, geeked out with us about the significance of horror, the different sub-genres that attract us, and what the future of horror looks like. We also dip our toes into a discussion about a new Ghoul's favorite, Scare Me.


Sade Sellers of Afro Horror Podcast
Episode 124: Afro Horror Podcast

Afro Horror is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the black experience within the horror genre. Sade chats with us about what it means to be a black woman who is also a horror fan, the impact of black characters in horror (how their very presence transforms the narratives), and the importance of uplifting black voices in the genre.


As a part of our Representation series, we were joined by the phenomenal guest, Rob Buscher of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival to talk about Eastern Asian representation in horror. We discuss the second season of AMC's The Terror to explore Japanese horror of the supernatural and the terribly real.


Pascale Vallee of Liberty Resources
Episode 72: Disability Representation
Episode 71: Midsommar

Pascale of Liberty Resources joined the Ghouls to talk about how people with disabilities have been treated in horror. We discuss how that representation impacts the community and why better representation matters. We talk films Hush and A Quiet Place to discuss the right and wrong way to portray deafness on screen.


Marina Fradera of Sunrise of Phila
Episode 71: Midsommar
Episode 70: Mental Illness Representation

Our friend and Kat's former co-worker, Marina joined the Ghouls to discuss representation of Mental Illness in horror. History has been unkind to the mental illness community but we have had some victories. We talk about a win, the film Babadook which has done a great job of this!


Jacqueline Constance of JaqCon Music
Episode 69: LGBTQIA Representation

Ghouls talk about LGBTQIA representation in horror with the amazingly talented singer/songwriter/musician/beautiful human Jacqueline Constance. Ghouls learn about the Hayes Code, queer horror (both real and on screen) and talk about the indie horror film, What Keeps You Alive.


Sergio Galeano of Liv Sound
Episode 68: Latinx Representation
Episdoe 12: Horror Music Scores

Ghouls tackle Latinx representation with their friend Sergio Galeano. Gabe has many choice words on the subject and her love for Guillermo Del Toro while her and Sergio bond over their Latinx-American upbringing. They watched La Llorona and Culture Shock (part of Hulu's Into the Dark series).


Ariel Taylor of She Wears Glasses
Episode 68: Black Women Representation

Ariel Taylor, a media professional and educator at PhillyCAM joins us to talk about representation in horror. We talk about Black Women in horror, the importance of representation in front of and behind the camera and why it MATTERS. Tune in as we absolutely roast the 2019 film, Ma featuring Octavia Spencer (who did this to you?). SPOILERS abound!

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 2.36.52 PM.png

Léa Van der Tak of Léa VDT
Episode 67: Sex Worker Representation

Léa Van der Tak joins the Ghouls to talk about sex work, the real life horrors and one of our new favorite horror films, CAM. The Ghouls also talk about the docu-series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On to discuss some of the challenges of juggling your online persona and your real life you.


Ashlee Blackwell of Horror Noire
Episode Special: Horror Noire

Special interview along with radio show Pulling Focus host Gretjen Clausing where we talk with Ashlee Blackwell, horror movie expert and founder of the website, Graveyard Shift Sisters. She is the co-writer and co-producer of Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. We talk to her about represention in horror, black films/directors/actors and the unique approach to telling our stories through genres like horror. 


JD Korejko of JD's Hero Complex
Episode 51: Horror Comic Books

The Ghouls invited a ghoul-proclaimed expert on comic books to talk about the spooky kinds of em! The Ghouls are joined by Hero Complex's JD, comic book connoisseur and horror indulger to learn about the history of horror in comics, the top horror comics out there and explore two series in particular, Harrow County and Locke & Key.


Kennedy Allen of Women at Warp
Episode 34: Space Exploration

Featuring Storm Tribble, Kennedy Allen! We find out why “In space, no one can hear you scream.” The ghouls and Kennedy solve all of the problems with space exploration (hint: put women in charge and LISTEN WHEN THEY TELL YOU THINGS) and dissect the classic hit film, Alien (which Gabe hadn't seen before this episode :O ). 


Erik Mack of Black Tribbles
Episode 33: Suspense Thrillers

The Master Tribble, Erik Mack joins the Ghouls to talk about Suspense/Thriller films and why they most definitely are a sub-genre of Horror. Fight us. We learn to think outside the box by discussing the differences between Horrors and Thrillers while also watching the Horror Suspense film, Se7en. 


Arielle Johnson of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse
Episode 31: Horror for Kids

The Uncanny Tribble & Amalgam Comics & Coffeeshop owner, Ariell joins us to talk about Horror for kids. The ghouls chat with Ariell about 90's kids horror and explore why scaring your kids young makes them better people. We talk Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark and even the Scholastic Book Fair. Join us and learn about the kid horror haven that was the 90s. 


The amazing Not Yet Rated, improv team joined the Ghouls for an Improv horror comedy! Not Yet Rated is a Philadelphia Improv Team that improvises movies - makes them up right on the spot for your entertainment! And the Ghouls were lucky enough to have them perform right in their living room for a special Audio Drama - Attend Carter the Magnificent's Magical Disappearing Show!


Ramon LaBestia of Garbled Podcast
Episode 25: Gore

Ramon from the Garbled Podcast joins the Ghouls to dive deep into the psychologically thrilling and traumatizing topic that so many can't stomach. Gabe absolutely jumps for joy to talk about Eli Roth and the two bond over their love for the Saw franchise. They talk Saw, Cabin Fever, Hostel and more! Gabe also discovers a fun conspiracy theory on the internet that leads to a few of their own. Join us and hear more about what you're missing out on! 


Dr. Timaree Schmidt of Sex w/Timaree
Episode 21: Women in Horror

Dr. Timaree from the Sex w/Timaree Podcast joins the Ghouls to talk about women in Horror films and she absolutely blows their minds. Get educated on how Horror is one of the more "woke" film genres, why that is and how it can continue to grow. We need more badass Ripley's in the world! What is the sexy lamp test? Find out here!


Michelle Rosinski of Moms Next Door
Episode 20: First Faves

Gabe's Mom joins the Ghouls to talk about Gabe when she was little, and also gushes about how proud of a Mom Next Door she is. 


Anna Bogan of Moms Next Door
Episode 20: First Faves

Kat's Mom joins the Ghouls to talk about Kat as a kid and also gushes about how proud she is of the Ghouls and all they do. 


Debbie Rudman of Termite TV
Episode 18: David Cronenberg

Debbie Rudman of PhillyCAM joins the Ghouls to discuss how absolutely riveting and jarring David Cronenberg is. The Ghouls dive deep into the grotesque genius mind of Cronenberg and explore the Body Horror genre. Find out what really creeps Gabe and Kat out even though they previously thought themselves invincible to gore. 

Len & Vince.jpg

Len & Vince of Micheaux Mission
Episode 15: Black Horror

The Micheaux Mission's, Len and Vince educate the ghouls on what constitutes a black film and dig into why black characters always die first. We watched Dr. Black and Mr Hyde which is about a subtle as you can imagine a film of this title to be, explored the Blaxploitation movement and made some discoveries about LL Cool J. Come on down and groove with us to Mr. Hyde's killer theme song. 

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