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Invasion of the Host Snatchers!

Whoa! What's going on? On this episode of Ghouls Next Door, you are in for a treat! That treat is Ramon of the Garbled Podcast. Ramon and Gabe talk about the super fun topic of Gore, why we love it and why Kat is super missing out on it. Meanwhile, our lovely ghoulfriend Kat is visiting his podcast to convince people to turn to the dark side, which is to say, understand why horror movies are super rad.

On Episode #25, Gabe finally gets to talk about one of her favorite directors and the controversial horror topic of gore, or as it is more affectionately known as, Torture Porn (or Gorno). Gabe decided to not subject Kat to this torture (because she's not a monster) and instead is joined by a very special guest, Ramon from the Garbled Podcast.

Gabe & Ramon dive deep into the psychologically thrilling and traumatizing topic that so many can't stomach. Gabe absolutely jumps for joy to talk about Eli Roth and the two bond over their love for the Saw franchise. They talk Saw, Cabin Fever, Hostel and more! Gabe also discovers a fun conspiracy theory on the internet that leads to a few of their own. Join us and hear more about what you're missing out on!

Talking Points: Jigsaw, Saw, Hostel, Touristas, Gorno, Torture Porn, Kevin from Home Alone, Americans Are Dumb, Garbled Podcast, Big Boy Jigsaw, Good Guy Jigsaw, and Real Serial Killers.

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