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Gabe Castro

Your favorite good Ghoul gone bad. Gabe (She/They/Ella/Ellas) is the director for Ghouls films as well as many other side hustles such as the Cammy Award Winning web series, Tribbles After Dark.

Gabe is a busy Ghoul but when she has time she enjoys writing scripts, reading true crime, improvising and playing RPGs.

Favorite Spooky Film: Scream and Get Out.

Favorite Drink: I like my drinks to taste like a campfire and also, craft beers.

Special Talents: Starting art projects I don't finish, cracking wise, making vegan baked goods and taking gorgeous photos of my cat, Charliepants.

Biggest Fear: Being murdered by a person AKA the most reasonable fear there is IMHO.


—  Gabe Castro, The Ghouls Next Door

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