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Gabe Castro

Your favorite good Ghoul gone bad. PhillyCAM Programmer & Producer, Improv extraordinaire, filmmaker, Photographer, writer, and artist; Gabe is a busy Ghoul. When she's not with her Ghoul Squad, this power house lady can be found singing Karaoke with friends, or laughing maniacally whilst running down the street with a recycling bin in hand. 

Favorite Spooky Film: "Scream, SAW and Get Out."

Favorite Serial Killer: "Edmund Kemper. But not like...favorite as in he's cool, he's not. But favorite as in I can tell you a lot about him. And also, other killers if you give me enough time. All I need is like 5 minutes, please why are you running away??"

Favorite Drink: "I like my drinks to taste like a campfire and also, craft beers."

Special Talents: "Starting art projects I don't finish, cracking wise, making vegan baked goods and taking gorgeous photos of my cat, Charliepants."

Biggest Fear: "Being murdered by a person AKA the most reasonable fear there is IMHO."

—  Gabe Castro, The Ghouls Next Door

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