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Episode 21: Women in Horror Film

On Episode #21, Kat and Gabe invite one of their favorite people and fellow woman, Dr. Timaree (Sex w/Timaree Podcast) to talk about women in Horror films and she absolutely blows their minds. Get educated on how Horror is one of the more "woke" film genres, why that is and how it can continue to grow. We need more badass Ripley's in the world! What is the sexy lamp test? Find out here!

The ghouls and guest watched Scream for a good ol' rehash sesh one of their favorite films. Find out what makes it so awesome and what exactly the film is trying to tell you. They also watched The Craft to talk about girl power and toxic girl-hate culture.

Talking Points: Sex With Timaree, Scream, Bechdel Test, Sexy Lamp Test, Important Penis, Virginity is a Hoax, Last Girl, Final Girl, Blonde, Alien, Poltergeists & Sexuality, Drag Queen Ursula, Femme Fatale, I Can't Love I'm Just This, Everyone I Love is Dead.

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