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Whaat? MindF*ck: Time Travel

As part of the Whaaat? MindF*ck series, the Ghouls explore the possibilities of Time Travel. Kat explains intense and fun plot lines from Dragon Ball Z to Gabe, a DBZ virgin. Gabe discusses the social injustices brought to light when exploring time travel and race in media with About Time, Octavia Butler's Kindred, and See You Yesterday.

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Kat's Facts - Impossibility of Time Travel

Hi friends, today we are learning about Time Travel. The idea that we’re in a time now, and if we go to another time that is either a part of our own existence or before we are traveling there through a wormhole or through other science ways to change stuff cause we think we know everything and should totally do that. In case any of you forgot, this series has been kinda wonky for me cause I’m not a scientist. I will dub myself a historian but i’m 100% not a scientist, so I have to give you what I think, and use some science I found on the internet to maybe help.

So why would people want to go back in time? If you didn’t catch our time loops episode, well go watch it, but also what we saw with time loops is this inevitability that exists when there is no way to break out of the loop. The idea with time travel, in this episode is that there is a past, present and future and we can travel there. So why we want to do this? Being able to travel to the past would give us the opportunity to right past wrongs, fix things that we feel could have been avoided if we had more info, or a nice shove, or a way to have conversations with people we’ve lost, or attempt to prevent bad things that happened to the people we care about, There’s a long list, that all kind of ties back to the fact that many humans are plagued with guilt or regret or a overwhelming feeling of injustice with how the reality surrounding us exists. We want to change the things that we couldn’t. We want to win. We want to create a world where the people we love aren’t hurt, and aren’t taken from us. The question really is though, How would going back in time change our world today, and is one human allowed to make that kind of choice for everyone?

I got this definition from Wikipedia, The Butterfly effect is a theory we’ve touched on previously, but it’s the idea that is more commonly used in chaos theory. A small change can make much bigger changes happen; one sma