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Episode 47: Stalkers

For episode 47, the Ghouls are talking about stalkers. They talk the real life world of stalkers, the levels of stalking and how sometimes it's okay to be just friends. They talk the problematic tropes from the "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" narrative to the Bunny Boiler Archetype. The Ghouls watched Netflix's series You and revisited a classic for Gabe, Swimfan.

Talking Points: Stalkers, Emotional Blackmail, 5 Nos 1 Yes, JUST FRIENDS, Nice Guy, Cardi B, Offset, Friends, Ross and Rachel, Philosophy, Fckzoned, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Ted Bundy Tapes, Ann Rule, Stranger Beside Me, Penn Bagdley, Childish Gambino, BTK, John Wayne Gacy, Boys, Mental Illness, Stalkers, Swim Fan, You, Netflix, Glen Close, Alex, Fatal Attraction.

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