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Episode 45: Don't Have Sex

The Ghouls kick off their Romance Gone Wrong series with the request that you Don't Have Sex. Ghouls are talking the horrors of sex, especially in horror movies, rape culture and murderous condoms by exploring the films, Teeth and Killer Condom.

Talking Points: Abstinence till I Die, Sex is Dangerous, Teeth, Don’t Do It, Vagina Dentata, Castration, Freud, Mother, Dangerous Womb, Good Sex, Rap Culture, Femme Fatale, Angel Shots, Rugrats, Consent is a Thing, Do Unto Others, Rape Prevention, Burglary, Alarms, Burgled, Angel Shots, Ellers, Toothed Condom, Dawn of New Females, Evolution, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas,

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