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Episode 42: Envious Imposter

January 22, 2019





On episode 42, we are talking about the Envious Imposter! Have you ever just wanted to be a different person, a very specific person who’s life you so desire you’ll do anything to get it? Even give yourself a TERRIBLE haircut? This week the Ghouls are talking about Single White Female and the terrible modern attempt at a remake, The Roommate. They explore this toxic trope of assigning the villainous characters mental disorders as an attempt to explain away their behavior. Spoiler Alert: this is bad and greatly innaccurate. 


Talking Points: Bangs, Imposter, Best Friends, Single, White, Female, Envy, Roommate, Gaslighting, Manipulation, Paranoid, Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Stigma, Ticking Time Bomb, Single White Female, SWF Seeks Same, Babet, Bonding, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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