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Episode 41: Social Media

On Episode #41, We're addressing the "You" that you put on social media. This episode we are talking about the toxicity within social media. The Ghouls are discussing the flaws with social media presence, agonizing over the pains of having a social media presence and hashing it out about instagram influencers. The Ghouls watched the appropriately named, New Year New You Hulu horror film and the now a Ghoul favorite film, Tragedy Girls. Don't forget to like, subscribe and comment on our social medias! Please!

Talking Points: Social Media, New Year New You, Like, Subscribe or Die, #blessed, instagram influencers, fake news, fake life, Community, Black Mirror, Social stakes, beans, not my butt, Ghouls on Social, depression, Ingrid Goes West, Tragedy Girls, and good girl villains.

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