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Episode 35: Wishes

On Episode #35, the Ghouls are in the holiday spirit talking about Wishes! Be careful what you wish for because those wishes will undoubtedly be turned upside and almost always cost you your soul. We're talking about Djinns, Mephisto & Faust and other lore around wishes. We watched Wishmaster and Wish Upon to really get our wish on. And let us tell ya, they're not worth it!

Talking Points: Faust, Djinn, Genie in a Bottle Baby, Mephisto the Great, Bohemian Rhapsody, Aladdin, Wishmaster, Wes Craven, Tony Todd, 7 Deadly Sins, Learn Chinese, Wish You'd Not, Hello Mr. Wes Craven, quick question - wtf?, Trypophobia Warning, Wishes Were Fishes, Don't Dig in the Trash.

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