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Episode 24: Cryptids is live!

On Episode #24, we talk Cryptids, your favorite inexplicable creatures that are RIGHT BEHIND YOU. Or close by anyway. We inform you on what a cryptid is and let you know why all the people who suggested the Jersey Devil as an Urban Legend were wrong! We talk Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, Mothman??, Goatman, Trolls and Wendigos.

The Ghouls watched Trollhunter and a special episode of the X-Files featuring the Chupamaria - I mean Chupacabra. And we take a stroll down memory lane and revist the video game, Until Dawn and its spooky monster.

Talking Points: Cryptids, Jersey Devil, Pine Barrens, Chupamaria, 2 Men 1 Women Big Trouble, Trolls have feelings, Well he was Christian so, Fe Fi Fo Fum - wait that's Giants, Cry Wilderness!, Mr. Pickles, and Wake Me Up Before You Wendigo-go.

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