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Episode 23: Home Invasion

On Episode #23, we talk Home Invasion! The ghouls just moved into a new home and thought it’d be super fun to talk about Home Invasions! Because we’re sadists that hate to feel safe! Woohoo. We give the low down on some real life home invasion stories that have inspired films such as the Manson Family murders and the Keddie Murders. Kat gives some information on how to stay safe in a home invasion thanks to Wiki-How and we also learn some super intelligent tips from "Gabie-How." What's the deal with men not bringing their ladies with them when they go to investigate?! Who's gonna have your six, James!?

The Strangers

The Ghouls re-watch one of their faves, The Strangers and a french film that is incredibly similar, Them (Ils). They also get hype about the film, You're Next and revel in female empowerment. Go team doomsday preppers!

You're Next

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