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Episode 15: Black Horror Films is Live!!!!

On Episode #15, Gabe and Kat are joined by the marvelous hosts of one of their favorite podcasts, The Micheaux Mission. Len and Vince educate the ghouls on what constitutes a black film and dig into why black characters always die first.

We watched Dr. Black and Mr Hyde which is about a subtle as you can imagine a film of this title to be, explored the Blaxploitation movement and made some discoveries about LL Cool J. Come on down and groove with us to Mr. Hyde's killer theme song.

Talking Points: Dr Black & Mr Hyde, Blaxploitation, Blacula, Blade, LL Cool J, Night of the Living Dead, Get Out, Candyman, Babacock, Twas Beauty that Killed the Beast, Bowchicka wow wow, People Under the Stairs, Kung Fu, Silky, Black Like Us, George A Romero, Bernie Casey, King Kong, Whiteface, Tits.

Check out the Micheaux Mission podcast (wherever you get your podcasts) for more hilarity from the ever charming Len and Vince!

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