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Episode 12: Horror Movie Music Scores

New episode of Ghouls out now! Kat, Gabe and friend Sergio are talking about Horror Movie Music Scores. Why do you get the heebie jeebies? The only thing more entertaining than the last 12 minutes is the first 40 minutes. #ghoulsnextdoor #Podcast #Suspiria

On Episode #12, we talk Horror Movie Music Scores! We are joined by our good friend Sergio who knows quite a bit about music in movies, can't get him to shut up about it honestly. So sit on down and learn about why music is so powerful, how it can make or break your horror experience and why you get the heebie jeebies. Sergio had us watch the once in a lifetime experience film like no other, Suspiria. Come scream sing with us and throw your instruments down the stairs!

Talking Points: Suspiria, Heebie Jeebies, Jeff's in Our Basement, Allergy to Coils, Last 12 Minutes and First 92, The Directress, -high pitch squeals-, Eerie Violin, Drinking Paint.

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