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Episode 9: Tattoos is Out Now!

Episode 09 is ready to please your ears with some knowledge and entertainment about Tattoos and that great classic film, Friday the 13th. Come listen to us and another person that isn't us.

On Episode 9, Kat and I invite another friend, Dominic, over to talk about something horrifying....Tattoos. JK they're super rad and have an amazing history! We talk about our own tattoos, Dom's *many* tattoos, and we watched the classic horror film that inspires many horror tattoos, Friday the 13th. Listen to us talk about tattoos. What's their deal? How many tattoos does Dom have? Does HE even know? Bonus: The ghost in our basement tells us some trivia.

Talking Points: Your Parents Are Together, Friday the 13th, Jason's Mom Did It, 10% Pants or 90% Pants, Egyptian Tattoos, Unlucky Number, Natural Tattoos, Cosmetic Tattoos, Branding, Kat's Mom's Front Tramp Stamp, That's Hot, Don't Hitchhike, Don't Have Premarital Sex You'll Die.

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