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Episode 7: Dolls is Out!

New episode out! Have you heard? Take your favorite doll off the shelf. Come get possessed by murderers with us.

On Episode 7, Kat and I talk about every kids super favorite possessed toys, dolls! We talk our own fear of dolls and the incredibly valid reason for them, we revisted the trauma of my childhood by watching Child's Play and also a newer doll-scare, Annabelle. Also we talk a bit about what the fear of dolls means as well as give a brief background into Annabelle's owners Ed and Lorraine Warren. Dive in and enjoy, have a seat on our shelf you porcelain beauty, you.

Talking Points: Pediophobia, Chuckie Doll, Good Guy Doll, Ugly Dolls, Annabelle, The Warrens, Murderer Dolls, Haunted Grandma's House, Doll Death by Dinosaur, Throw it in the fire!

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