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Episode 6: Horror Video Games is Out!

Episode 06 is LIVE! Did you ever think we'd get this far? Aaand we managed to convince another person to hang out with us!

On Episode 6, Kat and I talk with our good friend and fellow gamer, Jeff! We talk horror video games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil while also forcing Jeff to hang out with us by bribing him with video game play. We watched as Jeff made some terribly stressful decisions in Until Dawn and will probably continue to play after this. Can he save all these terrible children from dying? And more importantly, does he want to?

Talking Points: Gabe Killed Jess, Mandibular Prominence, Jess has the nicest ass, Chris isn't funny, Quick Time Event (QTE), Machete Holder, Until Dawn, Silent Hill, strand of hair, Jeff is wacking and laughing.

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