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Episode 13 is Out Now!

Episode 13 is finally here to abduct your eardrums and probe them full of some interesting, extraterrestrial information.

On Episode #13, we talk

about those strangers in the sky, the great minds behind all of the world's greatest achievements and the figures haunting your dreams: Aliens!Kat and Gabe don their conspiracy theory caps made of aluminum foil and tell ya what's up with aliens. (Their ships. That's whats up.) What "kinds" of alien encounters are there? What have they done to our landscapes? What have they not done? We watched the Fourth Kind, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story and the X-Files film that haunts Kat's dreams. Come get abducted with us.

Talking Points: Area 51, Area 69, Corona New Mexico, Nazcal Lines, Wow Signal, The Owen Wilson Signal, The Fourth Kind, All the kinds, Alien babies, Alien Baby mama, pedophile star child, demons, owls, I can't breathe take me to no oxygen.

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