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Episode 43: Monstrous Men

For the New Year, New Me series, on episode 43, the Ghouls (definitely them and their identity shouldn't be questioned) have dived deep into male puberty and the monstrous man. They're talking about the differences between monstrous men and monstrous women, discussed earlier in the month. How are men potrayed when they go through their bodily changes? Why are they usually goddamn heroes? Didn't you want to be a werwolf? The Ghouls watched I Was a Teenage Werewolf and the Eli Roth show, Hemlock Grove to explore this topic.

Talking Points: Monstrous Men, Goop Everywhere, Hair Everywhere, Voice Deepens, Science is the Enemy, Frankenstein, Male Puberty, Ejaculation, Vampires, Werewolves, Hemlock Grove, Gabe's Husband Eli Roth, Romani, Gypsy slurs, Werwolf Transformation, Loss of teeth, new eyes, Shirtless Skargards, and All Skarsgards are Vampires.

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