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Episode 33: Suspense/Thrillers!

November 20, 2018




For Gabe's birthday month, the ghouls are inviting some of her favorite people from one of her absolute favorite podcasts, The Black Tribbles to talk about spooky stuff with her! On our 33rd episode, as part of our Black Tribbles series, we talk with the Master Tribble, Erik about Suspense/Thriller films and why they most definitely are a subgenre of Horror. Fight us. We learn to think outside the box by discussing the differences between Horrors and Thrillers while also watching the Horror Suspense film, Se7en.


Talking Points - Sixth Sense, Suspense, The Boy, Jason’s Mom, Ed Gein, We’re All Serial Killers, horror, ghosts, haunted GI Joe, Robots will kill us, Holy Trinity of Horror Villains, What’s in the Box, America’s Grandpa, Brad Pitt just Jumps Out Windows, Saw, Gore and Police Procedurals.

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