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Episode 27: Mary Shelley

On Episode #27, in our special classic horror series for the spoopiest month, October, we bring you the queen of horror herself, Mrs. Penny Dreadful and badass Goth babe - Mary Shelley!

The ghouls talk Mary's life and the infamous tale of Frankenstein, how and why it was made. They also geek out about the show, Penny Dreadful and Literature as a whole. Join us for a gothic adventure with Teen Dream, Mary Shelley.

Talking Points: Mary! Do You love me?, Are you writing?, Badass Mom, Mary Wollstonecraft, JK Rowling, Goth Queen, The Podcast not the Hosts, Lord Byron, Sex on Mom’s Grave, Ghost Sex Party, Lordt Byron, Doe Boy, Sweet Child Bride, Swingers Party, Put Your Chariot Keys in the Jar, I love my Ghost Mom, Love Proteus, I am one of Proteus’ Ten Friends

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