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Episode 17: Found Footage is LIVE!

June 5, 2018



On Episode #17, 
Gabe and Kat had once lost their footage but now its found. They explore one of their favorite horror sub-genres: Found Footage Films.
The Ghouls talk jump scares, cheap filming, genius spook techniques and terrible acting in the Paranormal Activity franchise as well as some found inspiration: Cannibal Holocaust, GHOSTWATCH & Blair Witch. And Gabe *attempts* to explain the Paranormal Activity film timeline.

Talking Points: Tobi why???, JUMP SCARE, Paranormal Activity Franchise, Oren Peli, Meekah, GHOSTWATCH, Cannibal Holocaust, Creepy Little Girls, Silly Witch Coven, Alliteration, Can I axe you a question?, Tobithy, Abalam, The Worst Demon, Real Animal Rights Group NOT PETA, Lost Footage, The Bay, VHS,  Paranormal Camera, Messy Hair, Secretly Sexualized. 




 Gabe knew something weird has been going on lately!


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